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The Real Witches

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We are Pagans and other members of the magical community who have read and enjoy Harry Potter.

All are welcome here, but please be advised that some things may come into discussion that you wouldn't want your 10-year-old to read. For this, I ask that you please be mature (most of the time ;) ), and extremely respectful.
I have tried to include every type of 'craft' I can think of....if I'm missing one, please let me know immediately!

This is not going to be necessarily a discussion of only Harry Potter, or of only witches, but hopefully a combination of both. What are similarities of our own beliefs and ways of living we have found in the books? Do you think Rowling did a good job in her research? What did she do wrong? These and many more to be discussed!

Please, if you even have any curiousity, come and join us....everyone is welcome with open arms! ^__^

Blessed be!
-Cat, your administrator

Questions? Ask darkartscat!
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